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We are committed to building vital relationships with our expanding communityof students, locally, nationally and internationally that draw on the power of scholarship and discovery to transform lives and advance the public good..

With e-education management techniques and e-learning facilities. An institution with good, strong, firm and fair leadership equipped to tackle the challenges of discipline, cultism, capacity building, knowledge and wealth creation; transparency and re-orientation that have.

Federal Polytechnic Oko

Education in general and higher education in particular have for centuries formed the bedrock upon which progress has been made in all other sectors.

As human capital is imperative for over all development of the society, higher education is an investment in human capital required for this development. Tilak(2003) identified higher education as the hub of rapid industrialization by providing workforce with professional, technical and managerial skills. He wrote that in the present context of transformation of nations into knowledge economies and knowledge societies, higher education provides not just educational workers, but knowledge workers to the growth of the economy. It creates attitudes and makes possible attitudinal changes necessary for the socialization of the individuals and the modernization and overall transformation of the societies and perhaps the most important contribution of tertiary education lies in its creation, absorption and dissemination of knowledge through teaching and research. Higher education helps in formation of strong nation state. It allows people to enjoy an enhanced life of mind offering the wider society both cultural and political benefits (Task Force, 2000:37) in Tilak, (2003:3).

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